Imagine walking together in the footsteps of Hemingway and Fitzgerald to discover the Paris of “the Expats.”

On our itinerary, we’ll sip coffee with fellow writers at favorite literary haunts, get our senses stimulated at a local open market, browse in an English bookstore, admire the illuminations of Paris by night, hop on and off a river cruise to the Eiffel Tower, discover secret love locks, and savor a sensual crème brûlée. 


“Christine is an amazing teacher. She helps us find our inner writer and encourages us to shine brightly. Christine opens minds to all the possibilities of writing our words and thoughts for all the world to read.” – Lynn Heritage, Blogger 


Together, we’ll evoke place as character, and experiment with unique writing traditions to stimulate our creativity off the beaten path. 

We’ll enjoy the benefits of simple stretches and breathing specifically designed for writers. 

In a safe environment, we’ll explore techniques to write powerful openings, build momentum, and hook our readers, while answering the question:


How do we make our writing 



“What a fun time – we were given interesting opportunities to develop plot, characters and points of view. What came out of everyone’s writing was pure joy.”  – Billy Hirschen, Personal Essay Writer


Picture yourself during your daily free time, strolling in the Jardins du Luxembourg, embracing Paris views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, admiring Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa at the Louvre, dreaming of French royalty in the gardens of the Tuileries Palace, visiting the Maison James Joyce, or shopping in quaint little boutiques or on Champs Elysées…

Write In Paris culminates on our last day with a Celebration Dinner where we partake in creative camaraderie and storytelling.


“Christine has done it again with the workshop. I’m inspired and fired up about the newly gained insights. Can’t wait to write more.” - Ed Hearn, Novice Writer 



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