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Here are a few testimonials about Christine Moughamian, her signature coaching, and her interactive workshops.


“Christine Moughamian is an inspiration. Her passion and enthusiasm for her craft will definitely rub off on you. She has helped me become a more motivated and sharper writer. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a desire to write!” Maureen Buff, Children’s Book Writer

“Christine is a gifted writer and a very supportive writing coach. Inspiring and motivational. She encouraged me to believe in myself as a writer. I learned so many new skills and techniques. Loved working with her!” Liz Moran, Children’s Book Writer

“What a fun time – we were given interesting opportunities to develop plot, characters and points of view. What came out of everyone’s writing was pure joy.” Billy Hirschen, Personal Essay Writer

“As always, today’s workshop/event was an amazing experience. I’ve been to quite a few already, and yet I still find new information on how to perfect the craft of writing. Well done, Christine.” Bart Del Valle, Author (Novel)

 “I had a truly wonderful experience at Christine’s workshop this afternoon. Christine is a talented and gifted facilitator. Looking forward to future workshops.” Donna Cote, Memoir Writer

“Well worth the time and money for aspiring writers. Christine is a wealth of knowledge and makes the work fun.” Karen Wagner, Children’s Book Writer

“Christine helped me feel comfortable among published writers. I am not published but enjoy writing. This workshop made me feel as though I may someday aspire to become published.” Kimberly Ray, Novice Writer

“Thank you for today, Christine. I felt myself grow as a writer. I felt like a geode. I started out rough, but everyone’s feedback helped me polish my craft. I found a real gem of a story within myself.” Megan Mabee, Fiction Writer (Young Adults/Fantasy)

“Christine’s workshop helps me search deep inside to improve my writing skills. Her workshops are full of valuable feedback and I look forward to attending more in the future. This was my third one!” Sarah Giachino, Non-Fiction Writer

“Very informative!! Bring your pen and paper!! Love the impromptu exercises.” Stephen Truesdale, Non-Fiction Writer

“Christine creates a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can express themselves. Thank you!” Andie Biagini, Fiction Writer

“Christine is a literary magnet for us writers and wannabe writers. Very interesting and encouraging.” Peter Cannon, Author (Memoirs) 

“Thank you so much, Christine. This journey is complete with you.” Liz Moran, Children’s Book Writer

“Christine has done it again with the workshop. I’m inspired and fired up about the newly gained insights. Can’t wait to write more.” Ed Hearn, Novice Writer

“Christine is an amazing teacher. She helps us find our inner writer and encourages us to shine brightly. Christine opens minds to all the possibilities of writing our words and thoughts for all the world to read.” Lynn Heritage, Blogger



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