For You, a little bit about Moi!


I created Write in Paris – A Journey of Self-Discovery, for writers like yourself, who have always dreamed of (re)-discovering Paris with a French native. 

I lived in Chartres for many years and frequently renew myself in the heart of Paris, where I enjoy journaling at a literary café or leisurely browsing at the book stalls along the Seine River. 

With a Master’s Degree in English, I am a freelance writer, speaker and coach. It feels quite rewarding to me to bring writers together so we can connect with each other. That’s why I facilitate lively events as the NC Writers’ Network Coastal Regional Representative, and the Organizer of The Wilmington Write To Publish Group, a Meetup community of over 1000 writers. 

Writing has been with me for as long as I can remember. As an adult, I penned short stories and poems for Colorado publications, published personal essays and interviews in Salt, Encore, Wilma! and Tahiti magazines, among others, and wrote intimate travelogues born from my travels around the world. In 2012, I wrote about my French teenage angst and won First Prize of the Fall Memoir contest offered by the Writers’ Workshop of Asheville.

Read the Testimonials from my clients and workshop participants for insights into my teaching style, which is altogether dynamic, nurturing, and interactive. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that I also draw from my experience as a yoga teacher to help you relax mind and body, and trust your writing with a couple of stretches and a breath. 

I live in Wilmington, NC, a creative community by the sea where I contribute my stories of personal transformation, often inspired to enchant the world with my photographs and poems. (Follow me @Prompt2Write).

As both a French native and established writer, I will guide you safely along your journey in Paris and Chartres, so you can unlock your creativity, strengthen your voice, and write down your story, authentic, and compelling. 

Won’t you come with moi? 

Follow me on Instagram @prompt2write. Delight in my nature photography and inspirational poetry. 

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